Few honourable mentions about the structure of the main part of your essay

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After you already a planned your compare and contrast essay paper, just go ahead and start with the introduction. What comes after? Right – the body of your work, its main ideas and its plot.

There can be few body types, according to the type of organization of compare and contrast essay paper, you’ve chosen. If it is a Block essay, the body will consist of two big paragraphs. If you will choose the side-by-side analysis, then you will need to have four paragraphs in the body.

No matter which structures your paper is going to have, the scheme of the body paragraph will look the same in every case.

The body paragraph structure

  1. The topic sentence – it shows the topic of this particular paragraph. You do not need to repeat the main idea of your essay from paragraph to paragraph; all of them should have their own main idea. And in the conclusion, you will summarize those.
  2. Supporting information – you may start with the reason, why you are choosing this topic, to give examples and also provide an additional information here. You might have five to six sentences, and this is where you will be giving your references.
  3. Therefore statement – it gives a quick summary of the whole paragraph.

Block organization body

Here every part comes with its general topic that covers everything about one subject. And here you will be creating the essay’s body comparing two objects in one paragraph each. So you will place all differences in one and all similarities in another. There is one more option here – to place everything about the first object in one paragraph and all the information about the second one inside the other. The body will have more weight if you include multiple details about the subjects in every one of the paragraphs. Also, you need to bring a few supporting topics for the main one in every paragraph, as you are having them as an essay inside of your essay.

Point-by-point organization body

If you will be writing in this manner, here every paragraph will be having one topic and one point. And this point will elaborate upon the paragraph – wither it is a similarity or a difference. You can mix those. Let’s say one and three can describe what do the subjects have in common, and two and four – what do they have different. The key to writing the body for your compare and contrast essay in this manner is to have all the topics that you are covering mentioned in your theses. It is very important to give a reader understanding, which points you will be going through further.

One more reasonable tip on how to write the body for your comparing paper. Use a lot of references. Do not finish a paragraph without mentioning the supporting book or article or paper, you’ve been using. The compare and contrast essays are considered to be more technical analysis type of paperwork, rather than a narrative essay. So here is crucial to give the information on the recourses, you’ve been using to write your plot.

Always try to use the keywords that would signal to the reader about the type of your essay. If it will be not so visible in the introduction part, there is always a body to show that there is a compare and contrast essay paper. To compare use the words: both, also, too. To contrast the objects use the words: on the other hand, however, but.

Of course, it depends on your topic – how wide it is – how many sides of those objects you will describe in the body. Always remember, that those points should be relatable to each other and not just random facts, you know about those objects.

You should be keeping the clarity as well. The compare and contrast essay is a good way to show actually how your thinking process is working. Here the structure and details are the key. Just keep your focus on the analysis itself and stay away from giving your personal opinions. This way you will be able to master your skills in writing compare and contrast essays.