Where does Mel Martinez live?

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Where does Mel Martinez live?

Mel Martínez and his wife Kitty have three children named (Lauren Martínez, John Martínez, and Andrew Martínez) and five grandchildren. He is the brother of Rafael E. Martínez. Mel Martínez resides in Orlando.

How old is Mel Martinez?

74 years (October 23, 1946)
Melquíades Rafael Martinez/Age

Who did Mel Martinez run against for US Senate in the Republican primary election?

Republican Mel Martínez, the former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, was elected to the Senate in 2004, defeating Democrat Betty Castor, the former president of the University of South Florida and former Florida Education Commissioner, by 82,663 votes, 49.4% to 48.3%.

Who is the senator of Florida?

Marco Rubio (Republican Party)
Rick ScottSince 2019

Who is the father of Maricel Soriano?

The parents of Maricel Soriano are Rosalinda Dador Martinez. She had 2 children Marron Soriano, Sebastien Soriano.

What is the real name of Maricel Soriano?

Maria Cecilia Dador Soriano
Maricel Soriano/Full name

Who was the first Cuban American governor of Florida?

Bob Martinez. Tampa, Florida, U.S. Robert Martinez (born December 25, 1934) is a retired American politician who was the first person of Spanish descent to be elected to the office of Governor of Florida. He was the state’s 40th governor and held the office from 1987 to 1991.

Who is the brother of Maricel Soriano?

Bec-Bec Soriano
Mel MartinezJaypee de GuzmanMykee Martinez
Maricel Soriano/Siblings

Who did Marco Rubio replace in the Senate?

Marco Rubio
In office January 3, 2019 – February 3, 2021
Preceded by Jim Risch
Succeeded by Ben Cardin
94th Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives

Who are the 2 senators from Florida?

How many senators Florida has?

2020-2022 Senators Senators are elected to serve four-year terms. Currently, 40 Senators serve the people of Florida.

How old is Maricel Soriano now?

56 years (February 25, 1965)
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