How many electoral votes did California have in 2000?

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How many electoral votes did California have in 2000?


2000 United States presidential election in California
Party Electoral votes
Democratic 54
Republican 0
Green 0

How many electoral votes did 2004?

Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts won his party’s nomination after defeating Senator John Edwards and several other candidates in the 2004 Democratic presidential primaries. In the general election, Bush won 286 of the 538 electoral votes and 50.7 percent of the popular vote.

How many electoral votes did California have in 1912?

1912 United States presidential election in California

Alliance Republican
Home state New York Indiana
Running mate Hiram Johnson Emil Seidel
Electoral vote 11 0
Popular vote 283,612 79,201

How many electoral votes was California worth in 2008?

With its 55 electoral votes, California was Obama’s largest electoral prize in 2008. As of the 2020 presidential election, this is the last time the Democratic candidate carried Trinity County in a presidential election.

How many votes was California worth in 1952?

1952 United States presidential election in California

Party Republican Democratic
Home state New York Illinois
Running mate Richard Nixon John Sparkman
Electoral vote 32 0
Popular vote 3,035,587 2,257,646

Who Won president in 2004?

Bush won by a narrow margin of 35 electoral votes and took 50.7% of the popular vote.

What President won the election with 435 out of 531 electoral votes?

Wilson handily defeated Taft and Roosevelt winning 435 of the 531 available electoral votes. Wilson also won 42% of the popular vote, while his nearest challenger, Roosevelt, won just 27%.

How many electoral votes did Barack Obama receive?

Obama won 332 electoral votes, defeating Romney who gained 206.

How many votes did Barack Obama get in the 2008 election?

Obama’s total count of 69.5 million votes stood as the largest tally ever won by a presidential candidate until 2020, when this was surpassed by both major party candidates in a high-turnout election.

Who did Barack Obama run against in 2004?

United States Senate election (2004)

Party Candidate %
Democratic Barack Obama 52.77%
Democratic Dan Hynes 23.71%
Democratic Blair Hull 10.82%
Democratic Maria Pappas 6.03%

How many electoral votes does the state of California have?

With the exception of 1920 (when Congress failed to pass a reapportionment act) and 2010, the state has gained electoral votes from every census since its founding. In 1972, California reached 45 electoral votes, passing New York for most in the country. With 55 currently, the state has more than 10% of all available electoral votes.

How are electoral votes determined in each state?

Click on the name of a State to see its Certificate of Ascertainment. Click on the number of electoral votes for each state to see its Certificate of Vote. *Maine appoints its electors proportionally. Biden-Harris won in the First Congressional District and took the state; Trump-Pence won the Second Congressional District.

Who was the Vice President of the United States in 2004?

Kerry won Minnesota; however one elector cast a vote for Dem. Vice-President candidate John Edwards. It may have been unintentional, as this ballot also voted for John Edwards as Vice-President