What are the effects of strikes on employees?

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What are the effects of strikes on employees?

AFFECTS ON EMPLOYEES. Striking Employees that belong to a union are under obligation to strike when the union determines. They could be at risk of losing not only wages but benefits such as medical aid insurance, sick and holiday pay if the strike drags on for an extended period of time. If an employee is a union member and does not want…

What are the effects of strikes in South Africa?

The effects of striking will be felt in the immediate and long term future as strikes are appearing to re-occur in some sectors and in some cases have become violent. The South African economy is vulnerable at this point in time and striking season could harm the country’s investment reputation internationally.

How does strike action affect cost of living?

Usually governments are leery of favoring large pay increases because, if granted to one industry, others would not be satisfied until they got a corresponding raise. The cost of living would spiral, with inflation the result. Indeed, governments plagued with strike action in major industries occupy an unenviable position.

What are the economic losses of a strike?

The economic losses of the employer cause by a strike are incapable of precise calculation. The loss of profits is only one item in the total losses that an employer may suffer.

What are the effects of strikes on the economy?

Economists agree that the affect of strikes on the economy are difficult to calculate but, is detrimental to the country and its workers. GDP growth will be affected and the consequences of higher wages in certain sectors would inevitably lead to higher inflation.

How does industrial relations affect the work place?

The industrial relationship between the management and the employees in work place is vital to the success of the organization. When employees work without any sort of grievance and are happy, productivity will subsequently increase as employees always put in their maximum effort.

What happens when a company goes on strike?

Once the strike is over, even if the business has not been closed down by it, the feelings of hostility resulting from the strike can severely damage teamwork, productivity and profitability. HOW TO RESOLVE CONSTRUCTIVELY THE CONFLICT THAT CAUSES INDUSTRIAL ACTION.

Which is an example of an employee strike?

A strike is any concerted withholding of labour by a group of employees in support of a demand made by them to the employer. Examples of this are work stoppages, go-slows, overtime bans and work-to-rule.