What treadmill is used at Planet Fitness?

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What treadmill is used at Planet Fitness?

Precor, which is a leading brand for fitness equipment has a contract with Planet Fitness, this contract with the largest fitness chain to buy has allowed Planet Fitness to provide their clubs with all the options of Precor cardio and strength training equipment.

Is the Life Fitness 95T inspire a good treadmill?

95T INSPIRE™ TREADMILL At Life Fitness we stand at the forefront of innovation, constantly elevating the user experience. The 95T Inspire will set your facility apart with its sophisticated design and provide users with a full set of features to keep them motivated.

How does a certified used Life Fitness treadmill work?

About refurbishing: A “Certified Used” treadmill from Life Fitness is virtually indistinguishable from a treadmill straight off the production line. Refurbishing includes taking the treadmill apart, inspecting and cleaning the components, repairing/replacing parts as needed, and then rebuilding the unit.

What’s the top speed of a Life Fitness treadmill?

High Speed: With a top speed of 15 mph (24 kph), this Life Fitness treadmill is ideal for serious runners. Typical high-end treadmills for running top out at 12 mph. Tread Belt: Enjoy a spacious and maintenance-free 22″ x 60″ workout area. The 95T’s training surface is 2″ wider than the norm and long enough for all but the tallest runners.

How big is the screen on a Life Fitness treadmill?

Sold separately is a 17″ LCD TV that can be attached above the 7″ screen. High Capacity: This commercial cardio trainer is marked sturdy for trainees weighing up to 400 pounds. Data: The Incline console can be used in any of 13 languages.

What kind of treadmill does Life Fitness use?

Club quality cardio training moves into home gyms with the Certified Used Life Fitness 95T Inspire. The 95T with Inspire console is part of the Elevation Series, which is Life Fitness’ most advanced series of commercial cardio equipment.

How much does a Life Fitness 95T inspire cost?

The Certified Used 95T Inspire sells for much less than a new model — about $3,000 instead of $8,000 — yet it’s “just like new” thanks to expert refurbishing as described below. High performance and loaded with special features for training and entertainment, this luxury treadmill can meet an entire household’s cardio training needs for many years.

Which is the best treadmill for home use?

The T3 Treadmill with a sleek frame is designed to complement your home’s decor. The Club Series+ Treadmill with advanced exercise technology is designed to offer home users a club-quality running experience. What Life Fitness models are designed for use in fitness centers?

What do you need to know about the inspire treadmill?

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: The Inspire monitor supports wireless heart rate monitoring and has exercise programs specifically designed to keep the trainee in a specified heart rate zone. Heart rate and other training data can be tracked over time with use of the 95T’s USB drive.