Who won the Illinois Senate seat in 1858?

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Who won the Illinois Senate seat in 1858?

After the 1858 midterm election, Stephen Douglas kept his Senate seat, but Abraham Lincoln won national acclaim.

Who defeated Lincoln for Senate?

In 1858 Douglas ran for reelection to the Senate against Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln. Although Douglas defeated Lincoln, national publicity from their famous debates propelled Lincoln to the Republican presidential nomination in 1860.

Who won the 1860 election?

In a four-way contest, the Republican Party ticket of Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin, absent from the ballot in ten slave states, won a national popular plurality, a popular majority in the North where states already had abolished slavery, and a national electoral majority comprising only Northern electoral votes.

Who won the Senate seat between Lincoln and Douglas?


Nominee Stephen Douglas Abraham Lincoln
Party Democratic Republican
Electoral vote 54 46
Popular vote 166,374 190,468
Percentage 45.33% 51.90%

Who won the election for the US Senate in Illinois in 1858 quizlet?

What happened in November 1858 with the Senate Seat? Lincoln won the popular vote, but the Illinois House actually got to decide on the Senate Seat, and since there was a Democratic majority, they chose Douglas.

How did losing the Senate race in 1858 help Lincoln most quizlet?

How did losing the Senate race in 1858 help Lincoln most? outlaw slavery in the territories. Most northerners and southerners thought his idea to lead a slave revolt was insane.

What was the outcome of the senatorial election in Illinois in 1858 quizlet?

Who were the two candidates and their parties in the 1858 Illinois Senate election quizlet?

-The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 were a series of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln, the Republican candidate for the Senate in Illinois, and Senator Stephen Douglas, the Democratic Party candidate.

Who was the senator of Illinois in 1858?

Lincoln-Douglas debates, series of seven debates between the Democratic senator Stephen A. Douglas and Republican challenger Abraham Lincoln during the 1858 Illinois senatorial campaign, largely concerning the issue of slavery extension into the territories. Similarly, who was the senator of Illinois in 1858?

Who was Lincoln’s rival in the Illinois debates?

Lincoln and Douglas Were Eternal Rivals Senator Stephen Douglas. Stock Montage/Getty Images The Lincoln-Douglas Debates were actually the culmination of a rival lasting nearly a quarter-century, as Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas had first encountered each other at the Illinois state legislature in the mid-1830s.

Why did Lincoln lose the race to the Senate?

Even though he lost the race to the senate, he caught national attention which ultimately led him to the presidency in 1860. For six weeks Douglas set on a tour of the state with Lincoln following his steps and providing replies to his speeches.

Why did Lincoln speak after Douglas in Illinois?

Lincoln had been speaking out against Douglas since the passage of the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act. Lacking an advance team, Lincoln would show up when Douglas would speak in Illinois, talking after him and providing, as Lincoln put it, a “concluding speech.”