Who is the leader of the Constitution Party?

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Who is the leader of the Constitution Party?

Constitution Party (United States)

Constitution Party
Chairman Jim Clymer
Founded 1990 (as U.S. Taxpayers’ Party) 1999 (as Constitution Party)
Split from Republican Party
Headquarters 408 West Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603

Who were the candidates for president in 1860?

Presidential Election of 1860: A Resource Guide

Political Party Presidential Nominee VP Nominee
Republican Abraham Lincoln Hannibal Hamlin
Democratic (Southern) John Breckenridge Joseph Lane
Constitutional Union John Bell Edward Everett
Democratic Stephen Douglas Herschel Johnson

Who wins the 1860 presidential election quizlet?

The election of the president of the United States 1860. Lincoln won the election, and had more electoral votes and more popular votes than any candidate. Since the race had four main candidates, it allowed Lincoln to get more electoral votes than he would otherwise.

When did the Constitutional Union party end?

Constitutional Union Party/Ceased operations

When did the Constitution Party Start?

Constitution Party/Founded

Who were the 4 main candidates for the presidency in the 1860 election?

1860 United States presidential election

Nominee Abraham Lincoln John C. Breckinridge
Party Republican Southern Democratic
Home state Illinois Kentucky
Running mate Hannibal Hamlin Joseph Lane
Electoral vote 180 72

Who wins the 1860 presidential election?

What was the first state to succeed?

South Carolina
South Carolina became the first state to secede from the federal Union on December 20, 1860. The victory of Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 presidential election triggered cries for disunion across the slaveholding South.

What political party is John Bell?

Democratic Party
John Bell/Parties

What political party was the union?

National Union Party (United States)

National Union Party
Leaders Abraham Lincoln Andrew Johnson
Founded May 21, 1864
Dissolved November 3, 1868
Merger of Republican Party Unionist Party War Democrats

Who was president of the Constitutional Union Party in 1860?

John J. Crittenden and other unionist Congressmen organized the 1860 Constitutional Union Convention, which met in May 1860. The convention nominated John Bell of Tennessee for President and Edward Everett of Massachusetts for Vice President.

Who was the Constitutional Union candidate for President?

Douglas, and Constitutional Union candidate John Bell. …old-line Whigs to form the Constitutional Union Party and nominated John Bell of Tennessee for president. …the presidential nomination on the Constitutional Union ticket in 1860, but he carried only Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Who are the members of the Constitutional Union Party?

Among the members of the new party’s executive committee were Crittenden, former Democratic Senator William Cabell Rives of Virginia, 1852 Whig vice presidential nominee William Alexander Graham of North Carolina, former Congressman John P. Kennedy of Maryland, and newspaper editor William Gannaway Brownlow of Tennessee.

What was the purpose of the Constitutional Union Party?

Join Britannica’s Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work! Constitutional Union Party, U.S. political party that sought in the pre-Civil War election of 1860 to rally support for the Union and the Constitution without regard to sectional issues.

Who was president of the Constitutional Union Party?

…old-line Whigs to form the Constitutional Union Party and nominated John Bell of Tennessee for president. Bell finished fourth in popular votes in the four-man contest of that year, won by the Republican Abraham Lincoln.…

How many electoral votes did the Constitutional Union Party get?

He obtained 591,658 popular votes (12.6 percent of the total) and carried the states of Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee with their thirty-nine electoral votes. The party there by temporarily disrupted the secession movement, and perhaps contributed later to keeping Kentucky in the Union.

What was the platform of the Constitutional Union Party?

The Constitutional Union Party campaigned on a simple platform “to recognize no political principle other than the Constitution of the country, the Union of the states, and the Enforcement of the Laws”. The Whig Party had collapsed in the 1850s due to a series of sectional crises over slavery.

What was the name of the third party in 1860?

Not to be confused with Constitution Party (United States) or National Union Party (United States). The Constitutional Union Party was a United States third party active during the 1860 elections.