What was the percentage of voters in 2008?

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What was the percentage of voters in 2008?

For example, in the November 2008 elec- tion, 58 percent of the voting-age population voted, while 64 percent of the voting-age citizen population went to the polls.

Which age group has the lowest voter turnout?

Young people have the lowest turnout, though as the individual ages, turnout increases to a peak at the age of 50 and then falls again. Ever since 18-year-olds were given the right to vote in 1972, youth have been under represented at the polls as of 2003.

What percent of 18 24 year olds voted in 2004?

The rate for citizens 55 and older was 72 percent in the 2004 presi- dential election, compared with 47 percent among 18- to 24-year- old citizens.

How many Californians voted in 2008?

2008 United States presidential election in California

Home state Illinois Arizona
Running mate Joe Biden Sarah Palin
Electoral vote 55 0
Popular vote 8,274,473 5,011,781
Percentage 61.01% 36.95%

How many voted 2008?

Electoral College Votes by State

State Electoral Vote of each State For President
California 55 55
Colorado 9 9
Connecticut 7 7
Delaware 3 3

How many votes did Romney get in 2012?

Obama defeated Romney, winning a majority of both the Electoral College and the popular vote. Obama won 332 electoral votes and 51.1% of the popular vote compared to Romney’s 206 electoral votes and 47.3%.

What was the percentage of voter turnout in 2004?

Turnout statistics

Election Voting-age Population (VAP) % Turnout of VAP
1996 196,789,000 49.0%
2000 209,787,000 50.3%
2004 219,553,000 55.7%
2008 229,945,000 57.1%

Who ran for president in 2004?

2004 United States presidential election

Nominee George W. Bush John Kerry
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Texas Massachusetts
Running mate Dick Cheney John Edwards
Electoral vote 286 251

Who did Arizona vote for in 2008?

Arizona was won by Republican nominee John McCain with an 8.48% margin of victory, McCain had served as United States Senator from Arizona since 1987.

How many votes was Texas worth in 2008?


2008 United States presidential election in Texas
Party Candidate Votes
Republican John McCain 4,479,328
Democratic Barack Obama 3,528,633
Libertarian Bob Barr 56,116

Why was voter turnout so low in 2008?

Regardless of the method, turnout fell short of many predictions, in part because voters in some Republican areas of the country were not as enthusiastic this year with Sen. John McCain as the party’s nominee as they were four years ago when President Bush won a second term.

What was the voter turnout in North Carolina in 2004?

North Carolina, which had competitive elections for president, governor and Senate, had the biggest increase in turnout, from 57.8 percent in 2004 to 65.8 percent this year. “I don’t know that we did anything different than in other states, but the magnitude was so different,” said North Carolina Democratic Chairman Jerry Meek.

What was the voter turnout rate in 1968?

This year’s total is 61.6 percent of the nation’s eligible voters, the highest turnout rate since 1968, when Republican Richard M. Nixon defeated Democrat Hubert Humphrey, said Michael McDonald, a political science professor at George Mason University.

What was the turnout rate for the Senate?

In the Senate race, Democrat Kay Hagan beat incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole. Beverly Perdue was elected the state’s first female governor. Minnesota, with a competitive Senate race that still hasn’t been decided, had the highest turnout rate, even though it dropped slightly, to 77.8 percent.

What was the voter turnout rate in 2008?

Voter Population or Voter Turnout: Persons who say they voted in the November 2008 election. Voter Turnout Rate: Share of the voting eligible population who say they voted. In 2008, Latino eligible voters accounted for 9.5% of all eligible voters, up from 8.2% in 2004.

What was the percentage of youth voters in 2008?

As for the youth vote, Tufts University’s Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) estimates that 52 percent to 53 percent of eligible voters under the age of 30 went to the polls in 2008. That’s up from 48 percent in 2004.

What was the percentage of Asian voters in 2008?

Among Asians, 338,000 more votes were reported cast in 2008 than in 2004. The number of white voters in 2008 was also up, but only slightly—increasing from 99.6 million in 2004 to 100 million in 2008. The Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data also finds a distinct regional pattern in the state-by-state increases in turnout.

Who are the majority of 65 year old voters?

Those 65 and older accounted for 26 percent of total voters in the survey. The survey was conducted before the election and on Election Day, surveying those who said they intended to vote or had done so. A majority of those in all other age groups voted Democrat.