Who beat Obama in 2008 primary?

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Who beat Obama in 2008 primary?

Obama won a decisive victory over McCain, winning the Electoral College and the popular vote by a sizable margin, including states that had not voted for the Democratic presidential candidate since 1976 (North Carolina) and 1964 (Indiana and Virginia).

Who won the 2008 Republican nomination?

John McCain officially clinched the Republican presidential nomination on March 4, 2008, sweeping the primaries in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont. That night, Mike Huckabee withdrew from the race and endorsed McCain.

Who did Obama defeat to win the Democratic nomination for the presidency?

2008 United States presidential election

Party Candidate %
Democratic Barack Obama / Joe Biden 52.93%
Republican John McCain / Sarah Palin 45.65%
Independent Ralph Nader / Matt Gonzalez 0.56%
Libertarian Bob Barr / Wayne Allyn Root 0.40%

How was Obama elected 2008?

On November 4, 2008, Obama defeated the Republican nominee, Senator John McCain of Arizona, making him the President-elect and the first African American elected President. He was the third sitting U.S. Senator, after Warren G. Kennedy, to be elected president.

Who ran in the 2008 primary?

Candidates and results

Candidate Most recent office held at the end of the primaries
Barack Obama U.S. Senator from Illinois (2005–2008)
Hillary Clinton First Lady of the United States (1993–2001) U.S. Senator from New York (2001–2009)
John Edwards U.S. Senator from North Carolina (1999–2005)

Who ran against Obama for reelection?

Along with his running mate, Vice President Joe Biden, Barack Obama was opposed in the general election by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, along with various minor candidates from other parties. The election took place on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Who did Obama run against in primaries?

2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries

Candidate Barack Obama Hillary Clinton
Home state Illinois New York
Delegate count 2,272.5 1,978
Contests won 33 23 (without MI and FL)
Popular vote 17,535,458 17,493,836