What was John Bartram known for?

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What was John Bartram known for?

Bartram was the first North American experimenter to hybridize flowering plants, and he established near Philadelphia a botanical garden that became internationally famous.

Did Bartram own slaves?

As a young man he owned several slaves, but he later had a radical change of heart, freeing his slaves and becoming an outspoken abolitionist.

Where was John Bartram born?

Darby, Pennsylvania, United States
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What culture did William Bartram find in Florida?

Cowkeeper’s people were hunters and farmers, and Bartram noted the numbers of Spanish cattle and horses in the Alachua Savanna. He believed their herds rivaled those of prosperous Pennsylvania farms of his youth. Bartram, of Quaker upbringing, had arrived in Florida as a peace-loving British subject.

Who wrote Travels Through North and South Carolina Georgia East and West Florida?

William Bartram
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What does Bartram mean?

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Bartram is: Famous; glorious raven.

What is William Bartram nickname?

While collecting seeds and meticulously documenting Florida’s natural environment, Bartram interacted with Seminole Indians. He found the native population to be very friendly and welcoming. The Seminoles gave Bartram the nickname “Puc Puggy,” which means ‘flower hunter.”

Who wrote Travels Through North and South Carolina?

Travels Through North and South Carolina/Authors

Where does the name Bartram come from?

The name Bartram arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The name Bartram comes from the Germanic personal name Bertram, which is composed of the elements berht, meaning “bright” or “famous,” and hrabn, meaning “raven.”

Where did John Bartram Live most of his life?

Bartram was born into a Quaker farm family in colonial Darby, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, on March 23, 1699. He considered himself a plain farmer, with no formal education beyond the local school.

Who was the first collector of John Bartram?

Early Bartram collections went to Lord Petre, Philip Miller at the Chelsea Physic Garden, Mark Catesby, the Duke of Richmond, and the Duke of Norfolk. In the 1730s, Robert James Petre, 8th Baron Petre of Thorndon Hall, Essex, was the foremost collector in Europe of North American trees and shrubs.

When did John Bartram start his botanic garden?

Bartram corresponded with and shared North American plants and seeds with a variety of scientists in England and Europe. He started what is known as Bartram’s Garden in 1728 at his farm in Kingsessing (now part of Philadelphia). It was considered the first botanic garden in the United States. His sons and descendants operated it until 1850.

Is there a high school named after John Bartram?

John Bartram High School in Philadelphia is named after him. The standard author abbreviation Bartram is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name. ^ D.C.P. (1929). “Bartram, John”. In Johnson, Allen (ed.). Dictionary of American Biography. 2 (Barsotti- Brazer). New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons. pp. 26–28.

Who was John Bartram and what did he do?

John Bartram, (born March 23, 1699, near Darby, Pa. Largely self-educated, Bartram was a friend of Benjamin Franklin and an original member of the American Philosophical Society. He was botanist for the American colonies to King George III.

Where are some places named after William Bartram?

Numerous places and sites are named in his honor: The William Bartram Scenic & Historic Highway, which runs along the east side of the St. Johns River from Jacksonville, Florida south into northwestern St. Johns County on State Road 13. Bartram Trail High School in St. Johns, Florida (St.

How old was John Bartram when he explored Florida?

In the winter of 1765-66 a sixty-six year old Quaker from Pennsylvania named John Bartram, accompanied by his son William Bartram, traveled in a dugout canoe to explore East Florida’s most important waterway, the St. Johns River.

Who was the eldest child of William Bartram?

The eldest child of William Bartram and his first wife, Elizabeth Hunt, both members of the Society of Friends, John Bartram was born on his father’s farm near Darby, Pennsylvania.