How many electoral votes did Johnson receive?

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How many electoral votes did Johnson receive?

1964 United States presidential election

Nominee Lyndon B. Johnson Barry Goldwater
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Texas Arizona
Running mate Hubert Humphrey William E. Miller
Electoral vote 486 52

How did Washington state vote in 2016 election?

Washington was won by Hillary Clinton, who won the state with 52.54% of the vote over Donald Trump’s 36.83%, a margin of 15.71% . In the presidential primaries, Washington voters chose Republican Party’s nominee; the Democratic Party used the caucus system, and Green Party nominee was chosen in a convention.

Who was president after Johnson?

Lyndon B. Johnson
Succeeded by Richard Nixon
37th Vice President of the United States
In office January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963
President John F. Kennedy

How many electoral college members are there?

The president and vice president of the United States are elected by the Electoral College, which consists of 538 electors from the fifty states and Washington, D.C. Electors are selected state-by-state, as determined by the laws of each state.

Is Idaho a Republican state?

As of 2017, Idaho has the second largest percentage of Republicans in a state legislature. Republicans control all constitutional offices in the state and maintain supermajorities in the House and Senate.

How many people voted in the 2016 election in Washington state?

In February 2016, Washington State reached 4 million registered voters for the first time. At the time of this report, total active voters reached 4,277,499, which is about 77% of the voting age population or 83% of the voting eligible popuation1.

Is Clark County Washington red or blue?

Clark County is a swing county in U.S. presidential elections that recently has voted slightly more Republican than the state and nation as a whole.

Who was the 6 President?

John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams, son of John and Abigail Adams, served as the sixth President of the United States from 1825 to 1829. A member of multiple political parties over the years, he also served as a diplomat, a Senator, and a member of the House of Representatives.

Which man did not serve as president of the United States?

Only Gerald Ford was never successfully elected as either President or Vice President, though he served in both positions.

How many electoral votes does the District of Columbia have?

The number of electoral votes for each state is equal to the sum of its number of Senators and its number of Representatives. In 2024, the total number of electoral votes is 538. District of Columbia has 3 electoral votes. California has the most electoral votes with 54. Texas has the second most electoral votes with 40.

What are the Electoral College results for 2012?

Check back shortly for the Certificates of Ascertainment and the Certificates of Vote from the 2012 election.

How are the electoral votes in each state determined?

For 2012 election results, click here. Each state is sized in proportion to its number of electoral votes. Our snapshot of where the presidential race stands is based on hundreds of state-wide and national opinion polls — filtered through a poll-tracking model — and updated throughout the day.

How many electoral votes does Floria have in US?

Floria has the third most electoral votes with 30. The full ranking of states based on the number of electoral votes is as follows: District of Columbia has 3 electoral votes. District of Columbia has 3 electoral votes.