How many electoral votes did Washington received?

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How many electoral votes did Washington received?

Washington received 132 electoral votes, one from each elector.

How many Virginians voted 2012?

2012 United States presidential election in Virginia

Home state Illinois Massachusetts
Running mate Joe Biden Paul Ryan
Electoral vote 13 0
Popular vote 1,971,820 1,822,522
Percentage 51.26% 47.28%

How many electoral college votes did Romney win in Texas 2012?

Texas’s 38 electoral votes were Romney’s largest electoral prize in the election.

Has any president run unopposed?

It was the third and last United States presidential election in which a presidential candidate ran effectively unopposed. It was also the last election of a president from the revolutionary generation. Monroe and George Washington remain the only presidential candidates to run without any major opposition.

Did George Washington win the popular vote?

The enormously popular Washington was distinguished as the former Commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. All 69 electors cast one vote for Washington, making his election unanimous. Adams won 34 electoral votes and the vice presidency.

Who won Virginia in 2008?

Virginia was won by Democratic nominee Barack Obama by a 6.3% margin of victory.

Who won Ohio in 2012?

President Obama won the popular vote in Ohio with 50.67% of the vote over Mitt Romney in second place at 47.69%, a Democratic victory margin of 2.98%.

Who won the popular vote between Obama and Romney?

Obama defeated Romney, winning a majority of both the Electoral College and the popular vote. Obama won 332 electoral votes and 51.1% of the popular vote compared to Romney’s 206 electoral votes and 47.3%.

What are the Electoral College results for 2012?

Check back shortly for the Certificates of Ascertainment and the Certificates of Vote from the 2012 election.

What was the Electoral College map in 2008?

The Electoral College map looked similar to the 2008 map with two exceptions. Obama won Indiana and North Carolina in 2008 as part of his victory over McCain. Romney won both states in 2012.

How are the electoral votes distributed in Maine?

Maine distributes its electoral votes proportionally, with two at-large electors representing the statewide winning presidential and vice presidential candidates and one elector each representing the winners from its two Congressional districts.

How are electoral votes determined in each state?

Click on the name of a State to see its Certificate of Ascertainment. Click on the number of electoral votes for each state to see its Certificate of Vote. *Maine appoints its electors proportionally. Biden-Harris won in the First Congressional District and took the state; Trump-Pence won the Second Congressional District.