What was the cost of tickets for the first Inaugural Ball?

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What was the cost of tickets for the first Inaugural Ball?

Facts* The first Inaugural Ball was held the evening after the swearing-in ceremony. It took place at Long’s Hotel and tickets cost $4 each.

How many inaugural balls did Obama have?

For the 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama, 10 official and 121 unofficial inaugural balls were held.

How do you get tickets for presidential inauguration?

Free tickets for the Inauguration can be obtained through an individual’s United States Senator or United States Representative. To request a ticket through our office, please read the following carefully before submitting a request: Tickets are limited. All ticket requests must be submitted by January 1st, 2021.

Who was the first president to have an Inaugural Ball the night of his inauguration?

James Madison, America’s fourth President, and his wife, Dolley, were the guests of honor at the first official Inaugural Ball, held at Long’s Hotel in Washington, D.C. Martin Van Buren’s Inauguration featured two balls, and President William Henry Harrison held three to meet the ever-growing demand for tickets.

Is 1st Annual correct?

Here is the specific guidance from the AP Stylebook: An event cannot be described as annual until it has been held in at least two successive years. Do not use the term first annual.

What is the purpose of an inaugural address?

Most Presidents use their Inaugural address to present their vision of America and to set forth their goals for the nation.

What was the cost of the inauguration balls?

Inauguration costs are divided up into two categories. In one category is all the fun stuff: the inaugural balls, luncheons and Springsteen appearances. That’s also the category for things like the 20 JumboTrons placed around the National Mall and the special payment to keep the Smithsonian Institution open for the day.

How many people attended the inauguration in 2009?

CNN estimates that 1.5 million attended the 2009 version, and other estimates range from over 1 million to 1.8 million.

How much money was raised for the inauguration?

Presidential inauguration committees raise money from private donors for all the fun stuff. A spokesperson for Obama’s inaugural committee told ABC News that the committee raised about $45 million to cover the costs of events in the fun category. (A full accounting will eventually be filed with the FEC,…

Are there official balls for the new president and First Lady?

Of the dozens of balls and parties happening in Washington, only official balls — that is, those sponsored by the Presidential Inaugural Committee (or PIC) — are guaranteed destinations for the newly sworn-in president and first lady.

What was the price of tickets to the inaugural ball?

Tickets range widely in price: $75 will get you into the Asian Pacific American Presidential Inaugural Gala at the Mayflower, or you could pay $10,000 for a VIP table of 10 to attend the Deplorables Inaugural Ball at the Ronald Reagan Building. What’s the dress code? It’s dress to impress.

Is the inaugural ball a black tie event?

It depends on the Ball. Some Inaugural Balls are black tie events, while others employ a more casual environment. Be sure to check with the website of the Ball you wish to attend ahead of time and plan accordingly. Selling Inaugural Tickets?

Is there going to be an inaugural ball in 2021?

Stay tuned here for announcements regarding the 2021 Inaugural Balls as the Inauguration approaches. Here is an incomplete list of Inaugural Balls for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Fun fact: The 1st Inaugural Ball for George Washington was not held until a week after he was inaugurated.

Where are the balls held after the inauguration?

The evening of the inauguration (and in the days after) there are many Balls held in and around Washington DC. They are separated into 2 types – sanctioned and un-sanctioned.