What is the SlimFast 321 plan?

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What is the SlimFast 321 plan?

The Slimfast 321 plan is a calorie controlled system that allows you to eat a variety of foods and snacks that are balanced with the right amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as vitamins and minerals to aid healthy weight loss. On the plan you will eat: 3 x snacks (100 calories) 2 x shakes or bars.

What is the SlimFast 30 day challenge?

Here are the basics: Try Slimfast products (such as protein ready-to-drink shakes, protein meal bars, protein powder shakes or snack bars) for 30 days. At the end of the period, send in your “before” and “after” pics, as well as your inspiring Slim Down success story.

How much weight can you lose in a month on SlimFast?

The SlimFast® Plan is clinically proven to offer a weight loss of between 1-2lbs a week. On average, the plan allows 1,200 calories per day for women and 1,600 calories per day for men.

Can I drink coffee on SlimFast?

Can You Drink Coffee While on the SlimFast Diet? The ideal beverage to choose on SlimFast (beyond the shakes) is water. (1) But you can also drink tea and coffee on SlimFast. (4) The company points out that a cup of black coffee contains 1 calorie, making it a waistline-friendly sip.

How much weight can I lose on SlimFast in 2 weeks?

1 to 2 pounds per week
With this plan you can eat 6 times per day. The program says you can lose a safe 1 to 2 pounds per week with this strategy. They also offer products called Slimfast Advanced Nutrition that provide high-protein meal-replacement shakes or smoothies with less sugar than many other brands.

Are you allowed diet Coke on SlimFast?

What foods should you limit on SlimFast Diet? SlimFast recommends eliminating alcohol, though having a drink once in a while is OK. Sugar-sweetened beverages like juices and sodas should be limited.

Is there a guide to the Slim Fast 321 diet?

There is also no book or guide to the SlimFast 321 Diet Plan, it essentially offers snacks, shakes, and a suggestion to eat a 500 calorie meal every day. This can be hard to sustain for some, as the only non-packaged foods allowed is one meal.

Which is the best SlimFast 3 2 1 plan?

Start your journey strong and confident with our 3.2.1. Meal Plan. It’s flexible, delicious, healthy… and it’s proven to work. With three tasty SlimFast snacks, two delicious SlimFast meal shakes or bars, and one healthy meal, it has everything you need to help you feel your best, one step at a time.

Is it safe to drink wine on SlimFast 321?

You can also be safe in the knowledge that each item in the Slimfast 321 range provides a third of the recommended daily intake of 23 vitamins and minerals as well as a lower sugar count, high fibre and high protein too – all the good stuff! What about my glass of wine? GREAT NEWS!

How can I keep weight off with SlimFast?

SlimFast Together is your go-to group. A private haven within Facebook that offers helpful tips, tricks, and advice from fellow members. You can also chat with our Brand Ambassadors, real people who have lost weight and are keeping it off with the SlimFast® Plan.