How are protection spells used in real life?

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How are protection spells used in real life?

Protection spells are used to banish negative energy, remove yourself from unpleasant people, and cleanse and protect your energy and space. Do you sometimes feel unsafe or uneasy in your environment?

Is it possible to have a curse put on You?

Before we even get into the symptoms and signs of a curse, we have to tell you this – the idea that a curse was truly put on you or your family is HIGHLY unlikely! It’s not impossible, but it is incredibly rare. Most of the people who believe they are cursed simply don’t want to face reality that bad things happen sometimes for no known reason.

Can a crystal protect you from a curse?

At this point, they can no longer protect you from a curse or hex. Any force that’s powerful enough to fracture a crystal is something to be wary of, so when this happens, get a new amulet to offer you further protection.

Can you return a curse to the person who cast it?

You can repeat this visualization any time and as often as you like. This ritual returns the curse or hex to the person who cast it. However, you aren’t going to use it to hurt them. Instead you are going to transform it into something that will ultimately benefit both of you. Does that sound weird?

How to cast protection spells for loved ones?

Let’s see how to create a complete spiritual plan to cast protection spells for your loved ones. A complete spiritual plan includes: A logical thought about the goal or situation. Reflect on how magical and mundane actions will affect the outcome of the situation of other people. Build a positive support structure around you.

How long does it take to cast a protection spell?

A spell can only take a few minutes, a prayer a few seconds, but without a comprehensive spiritual plan, it is like throwing snowflakes on a stove. Getting ready and knowing what you are doing before, during, and after the spell casting is a great way to give your magick the chance to work and its effects the chance to manifest.

Is it possible to cast your own spells?

Casting your own magic spells takes skill and patience and isn’t recommended in most cases. I provide these “do it yourself” spells for educational purposes, but it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you.

When to use a banishing spell in Your Life?

It doesn’t matter if it comes from a person, a situation, or a feeling. Banishing spells can do everything at once! If you feel like there is something quite off in your life and want to get rid of this feeling of discomfort and negativity, a banishing spell can be the right spell for you to cast!