How much is a 50 cent silver coin worth?

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How much is a 50 cent silver coin worth?

Melt Values of Older Silver Coins

Silver Coin Type Year of Issue Silver Coin Values
Walking Liberty 50c 1916-1947 $16.73
Franklin Half Dollar 1948-1963 $16.73
Kennedy Half Dollar 1964 $16.73
Kennedy Half Dollar 1965-1970 $6.84

Are 50 cent coins rare?

It is rare to see a half dollar in circulation today (not that the coins themselves are rare). It is worth mentioning that all circulation strike Kennedy half dollars from 1971 and later are just worth their face value of 50 cents.

How much is a 50 cent coin in SA?


Country South Africa
Period Republic of South Africa (1961-date)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1990-1995
Value 50 Cents 0.50 ZAR = 0.034 USD

How much is 50 cents in coins?

How Many Coins Are In Each Roll?

Coin Coins Per Roll Roll Total Value
Dime (10 cents or 1/10 US$) 50 $5
Quarter (25 cents or 1/4 US$) 40 $10
Kennedy Half-dollar (50 cents or 1/2 US$) 20 $10
Native American One Dollar (100 cents or 1 s or 1/2 US$) 25 $25

Are Round 50 cent coins worth anything?

Fifty cent coins were round when they were first introduced in Australia in 1966 and were made from 80 per cent silver and 20 per cent copper. ‘Just the silver in it is worth $8.73 at the moment. Actual value from $50 to $200 depending on condition,’ another comment read.

Are Round 50 cent pieces worth anything?

Those of us who are old enough to remember the decimal changeover remember the round 50 cent coin as an oddity that was hoarded by thousands of Australians. Some coins in exceptional grades may sell as numismatic coins but even these are only worth 2-3x the silver the coins contain.

What is the animal on the 50 cent coin?

Fifty Cent Coin: Emu and Kangaroo This coin pictures the Australian Coat of Arms; a shield held up by a Kangaroo, and an Emu.

How much is a 1966 50 cent worth?

Mintage, Worth:

Year Mintage Value, USD
1967 $ 2.74
1966 8.055.999 $ 0.74
1965 $ 2.20

Are 50 cent coins still made?

Yes, half dollars still are minted, but there are a couple of reasons why they are scarce. Later, Congress authorized reducing the silver content of the JFK 50 cent piece to 40 percent. And since 1970, the coins are a mix of copper and nickel.

What 50 cent pieces are worth the most?

Most Valuable US Half Dollars – Highest Value Half Dollar Coins

Coin Value
Coin Value
1904-S Barber Half Dollar $20,937
1836 Capped Bust Half Dollar: Reeded Edge – 50 CENTS Reverse $20,581
1806 Draped Bust Half Dollar: 6 Over Inverted 6 $20,382

What Australian 50 cent coins are valuable?

Anyway, back onto the circulation issues. Truly uncirculated 50 cent coins from 1969 (cv $25), 1971 ($25), 1972 ($55), 1973 ($60), 1974 ($35), 1985 ($13), 1993 ($22) , and 1997 ($30) are all worth more than any commemorative 50c coin.

How much is a 50 euro coin worth?

The 50 cent euro coin of malta mint (Fdc) is worth 2€, but if they have circulated then the value is facial 0.50€. This is therefore not a rare 50 euro cents.

What makes a 50 cent coin worth more?

It depends on the dates of the coins and the condition. 50 cent coins from before 1965 are worth more because they are 90% silver. How much are 1776-1976 50 cent coins worth?

Which is the rarest silver 50 cent coin?

What are the rarest silver 50 cent coins? If you don’t count over-dates, proofs, and strange varieties then the rarest half dollar coin is the 1873-S with no arrows. None of those coins are thought to have survived. The rarest coins that still exist are the 1796 and 1797 halves.

How much is a 2002 50 cent coin worth?

Four 5 cent coins and three 10 cent coins. How much is a 2002 50 cent euro coin worth? really they are worth nuthing in the USA. 50 cent EURO coins are still around, and alot of people still use them today. How much is a 1975 fifty cent piece worth? That depends on country and condition, but it’s probably worth 50 cents in its country of origin.

What is the value of a 50 cent coin?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The half dollar, sometimes referred to as the half for short or 50-cent piece, is a United States coin worth 50 cents, or one half of a dollar.

What is a 50 cent piece worth?

The half dollar, sometimes referred to as the half for short or 50-cent piece, is a United States coin worth 50 cents, or one half of a dollar.

What are 50 cent pieces?

50-cent piece ( Canadian coin ) The fifty-cent piece (French: pièce de 50 cents) is the common name of the Canadian coin worth 50 cents. The coin’s reverse depicts the coat of arms of Canada.