What is MyOpenMath?

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What is MyOpenMath?

MyOpenMath is a free, open source, online course management system for mathematics and other quantitative fields. MyOpenMath’s primary emphasis is to facilitate the creation and implementation of online homework and assessment, although it also supports content delivery on a limited basis.

How do you write square root on MyOpenMath?

For instance if you want to the square root of 3, you cannot write sqrt3. You must write sqrt(3). ALWAYS PREVIEW YOUR ANSWER before submitting it no matter how you enter an answer.

Does math do assignments for money?

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Is online class tutors legit?

Online Class Tutors is a US based website offering online academic assistance. They offer to help with exams, essays, homework and MyMathLab. The website info claims to hire around 420 employees from ‘around the world’. This could mean that you cannot be guaranteed of help from a native English speaker based in the US.

Is GeeklyHub legit?

GeeklyHub has a consumer rating of 4.96 stars from 27 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with GeeklyHub most frequently mention homework help. GeeklyHub ranks 15th among Tutor sites.