How do you overcome lack of motivation in college?

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How do you overcome lack of motivation in college?

No Motivation? 7 Great Ways To Overcome Loss Of MotivationRemember Why You Want to Do It at First. Envision the Success If You Do It and Feel the Regret If You Don’t Do It. Create a Supportive Environment. Change Your Physiology and Stay in Action. Let Others Motivate You. Dream Big, Start Small, and Act Now. Take Breaks When Needed.4 days ago

How do I get back my passion for life?

Here are seven steps to recover, take control of your life and regain passion for your work.Take time to reflect. Chronicle your problems. Identify a better job routine. Reassess aspirations. Seek support. Expand your network. Eat better, drink less and exercise more.

How can I motivate myself to stay motivated?

How to become (and stay) motivatedSet goals. Choose goals that interest you. Find things that interest you within goals that don’t. Make your goal public. Plot your progress. Break up your goal. Use rewards. Don’t do it alone.