What does a check mean in Google Classroom?

July 29, 2021 Off By idswater

What does a check mean in Google Classroom?

If you have a checkmark, that just means the work is in your possession, that they turned it in. They would have to “Unsubmit” the work or you would have to “Return” it in order for them to have possession of their work ie document again. If they turn in blank work, you will need to “Return” the work.

What is a check plus grade?

This serves as an alternative to a numerical or letter grade. Here a check means “acceptable” or ” at the expected level”, check plus means “better than expected”, “good” or outstanding”, and check minus means “below expectations”, “unacceptable” and “bad”.

Is homework part of your grade?

In most schools, what a grade represents remains in the eye of the beholder of the individual teacher. Some teachers grade homework; some do not. Some allow students to retake a test; some do not. Some consider behavior, participation, and promptness in determining a grade; some do not.