10 Advantages of Investing in Leather Shoes

10 Advantages of Investing in Leather Shoes

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Trivia: Do you know the oldest known pair of leather shoes were made almost 5500 years ago and is called the Areni-1? It was found in 2008 in the Areni-1 cave (hence the name) and in a very impressive condition too!


Formal shoes are essential for businessmen or white-collar workers. They provide a premium look and are also very comfortable. If you’re a person who often attends meetings and different programs, you must have a few pairs of formal shoes to be worn on various occasions. The best type of shoes that most people prefer to wear are leather shoes. Leather shoes provide you the best shine and style, paired with quality and durability.

The Best Leather for Making Shoes

Shoes can be made from various leathers like Calfskin, Cowhide, Pigskin, Horsehide, etc. But the best type of leather among all is the Cowhide as it’s comfortable and can be used for a long period due to its toughness. It also protects you from severe damages with its resistance quality. Most companies like ELC manufacture their leather products by using Cowhide.

Leather Vs. Other Materials

When compared to other materials, leather is more comfortable, durable, breathable, and easy to maintain. It’s a lot more expensive than fabric or any other synthetic material, but because of its high-quality, people prefer to purchase leather products.

1) Look

– Leather:

It has a soft and smooth texture, unlike other materials. The colors are very limited but provide a premium look.

– Synthetic Material:

Synthetic material provides a consistent texture and appearance. Multiple choices are available in colors.

2) Price

– Leather:

Leather is extracted from animal skin, and the process of converting it into usable materials is costly. Therefore, compared to other materials, leather is very expensive.

– Synthetic Material:

The process of manufacturing synthetic materials is easy and not very expensive. Hence, the cost is comparatively low. But the resulting product quality is also low, compared to leather which promises premium quality.

3) Overall

– Leather:

Despite being expensive, it’s the best material for making shoes, bags, and other daily use products. Its quality and durability win the competition.

– Synthetic Material:

You can get synthetic products at cheap prices, but you won’t get the level of satisfaction that leather can give you. The quality isn’t durable hence it doesn’t last long.

Advantages of Investing in Leather Shoes:

Most people ask whether leather shoes are even worth buying? The answer is ‘yes’, they are absolutely the best and provide you the distinct benefits that other shoes don’t. At times, it can be even said that leather shoes may help increase your level of confidence in certain situations e.g. important meetings, etc. The following are some benefits of investing in leather shoes.

1. Better Fit

Leather shoes provide you the best fit that you can get. Because of their flexibility, they can easily adjust according to your feet without compromising your comfort. Synthetic leather or fabric can’t adjust with your feet properly. Compared to those, if you buy leather shoes at a certain period in life, they can still last a long time hence, being a good choice for you to utilize for a longer period.

2. Comfort

Most types of leather are very soft and comfortable to wear. They provide you the best feel and support compared with other materials. Leather shoes are the right choice if you’re too choosy about your outfits.

3. Extra Protection

Leather shoes are very safe and protected. If you’re an active worker, it’s recommended to wear leather shoes and other safety products to keep you safe. Their strength is unmatched compared to lower quality products such as synthetic materials, etc.

4. Durability

If you’re a person that barely purchases shoes, leather shoes are the right choice for you. They’re very durable and can be used for up to 15 years if properly maintained. Never go for synthetic ones for long term use, natural leather is the best purchase for you.

5. Breathability

Odour is a big problem that many people face because of wearing shoes. Leather shoes are the solution to this problem. They are very breathable and have tiny spores that keep your feet dry while giving them breathing space.

6. Water Resistance

It’s a property of leather that we can waterproof it by applying different things to it such as wax, waterproofing sprays, etc. Other synthetic products don’t have this ability, that’s why leather is always preferred to be worn in wet seasons.

7. Easy to Clean

Fabric or any other material absorbs the dirt in them and are hard to clean. Leather can be cleaned just by applying a dried cloth to it. For better results, you must polish your shoes at least twice a week.

8. Style

Leather is an expensive material, hence manufacturing companies make its products with a lot of care and perfection. They also try to give them the best style they can to attract people for purchasing these products. This is the reason leather goods are available in a number of varieties and styles.

9. Smells Good

Leather’s smell is very relaxing, as it’s extracted from animals’ skins, the smell gives a natural feel. Many people like its smell and often keep purchasing new leather goods because of this. Leather shoes can also be a good choice to prevent odor.

10. Eco-Friendly

As leather is a natural product, its manufacturing consumes less usage of chemical and harmful substances. On the other hand, synthetic products are manufactured with the use of too many harmful chemicals which is bad for the environment.


These are the top 10 advantages of investing in leather shoes. If you’ve never worn leather shoes for work, you are definitely missing out on a high-quality experience. The properties of leather are worth the money you invest in them. All its products including bags, shoes, gloves, etc. are used worldwide and given first preference.

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