10 Online Communities to Join in 2021

10 Online Communities to Join in 2021

September 13, 2021 Off By idswater

Everyone in this world is afraid of being judged for the lack of ability of understanding or also the lack of knowledge. To keep away from this issue, it’s worth trying out the Online Communities to Join in 2021. We have a classic list of online community games in 2021 such as F95zone, gaming subreddits etc.


F95Zone serves as one of the most organized online gaming communities, especially for adults. It gives you an ideal stage to examine things that individuals feel are excessively modest and surprising to discuss. Conversation gathering on this site makes it even better. What makes the F95zone platform favorable is it has a lot of elements and capacities permitting clients to have a healthy and consistent experience.

Gaming Subreddits

Gaming Subreddits is the best overview of each type of gamer community. You can go with the discovery of the social benefits of gaming. At the same time, you can stay Cyber Safe when engaging in these online gaming communities.

Tech Support Guy Forums

Tech Support Guy Forums, based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is the free tech support community for all tech enthusiasts from all around the world. The community is always available to discuss everything with the ones joining. That said, it proves to be welcoming and comprehensive.

TechSpot Forums

TechSpot Forums is the best for the Technology enthusiasts and PC power user’s forum. Join the platform that offers the judgment-free zone. You can also share knowledge and discuss the latest trends on software, smartphones, computer hardware, tech support.


Are you a gamer and a deal-seeker? If yes, you can get the maximum support on the GameDeals Subreddit. The surefire gaming community for you is boasting as the online community with 814,000 members. What makes it even better is that the forum allows filtering video game deals by retailers and developers.


Discord, the great, free voice and text chatting app, serves as an amazing community designed for gaming communities. Multiple operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS, Android, and web browsers, make the platform the most favorable. What you will love the most is that you can send video, audio, text, and images to other users in real-time during play.


Gamedetectives have been evolving as one of the best online communities that have been solving ARGs (alternate reality games) since 2015. 18,200 members to date are already associated on this platform. The forum focused on resolving the riddles of ARGs ensures making amateur ARG enthusiasts feel enthusiastic and also goes with resolving gaming mysteries.

Ritual Motion Discord

Discord Server has all members of our RM community. It serves as the place to learn from and share. You can openly discuss what difficulties you’re enduring,  what movie or game you demolished. The support is also available on behalf of the pro teams and major tournaments.

The Verge

The Intelligent Community Forum serves in the form of a global network with a think tank. The community is one of the biggest networks that connects hundreds of cities and regions on five continents for collaboration. There is also economic development and for exchange of expertise and information.


One of the amazing online communities from Japan, DLsite has around 60 million visitors. You can take it as one of the best alternatives for the F95zone. High-end games can go with joining this platform that builds their favorite gameplay.

Final words

Whether you picked up the controller for the first time or just got the outdated one, you can go with joining the platforms that we have mentioned above. Join these fabulous online communities today and get the best experience with the judgment-free zones.