Can you change your name on Reddit?

Can you change your name on Reddit?

September 13, 2021 Off By idswater

Reddit is a social media platform with a 44% percent growth year-on-year in 2020. The company had about 52 million active usersin 2020, while it had about 36 million users in 2019. The platform is now ranked amongst the top ten popular social media sites in the US, not just its user base. While globally, it is the fifteenth most-used social media site. The immense popularity of the platform has many of its users asking some basic and simple questions. And, one of these is –


Here, we will try and answer some of these elemental questions to use the platform productively and to their maximum gain. But, first things first! What is Reddit, and how is it different from other loved social media sites like Facebook and Instagram?


You can think of Reddit as a news site or social news platform where users can share images, videos, posts, etc., on many topics. Users are also allowed to create subredidts or different topic-focussed boards or forums where a particular topic or niche can be discussed. Many users can leave their comments on the subreddits, and the most-liked posts are featured higher up on the board. Thus Reddit is quite engaging and a fun platform to be around.


Can you change your name on Reddit?

To answer this question, you need first to understand what you want to change on Reddit – is it username or display name? The answer to this question is:

  • No, you cannot change your username once it has been created on Reddit. If you wish to change your username, the solution is to deactivate your account and open another account with your desired username.
  • Yes, you can change your display name on Reddit.


Is a user name change on Reddit advisable?


Users must understand that when they decide to change name on Reddit,and they go into deactivating their account, they stand to lose a couple of things:

  1. They can never access their deactivated account again as it would get deleted.
  2. All your Karma points will get deleted too.
  3. You cannot transfer your points to your new account.
  4. However, your posts will keep showing under a tag called ‘deleted.’


Understanding the points mentioned above is essential. As a Reddit user, you can now decide whether you wish to keep your account or change your name and create a new account.


What about changing my display name on Reddit?


The display name on Reddit can be changed ’n’ number of times. However, remember that the display name appears in tandem with the username. So, your user name is always visible. Therefore, if your main issue is changing the username, changing the display name is not the best solution.


Hence, choosing the right username on Reddit in the very beginning is highly recommended. Give it some time; think and ponder your reasons for being on Reddit, consider the topics you like, your hobbies and profession, take the help of name generators, etc., to create an effective username.


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