Know Your Business-Automated Solution To Make Seamless B2B Relationships

Know Your Business-Automated Solution To Make Seamless B2B Relationships

September 13, 2021 Off By idswater

The businesses which are intended to provide their service to other businesses other than the individual customers have to be keen-eyed on their onboarding process and must get to know the business before establishing the relationship. The regulators have provided regulations regarding business verification that are not completely obliged by the corporations which increases the risk of becoming victims of fraudsters. Moreover, because of the inability to follow proper due diligence regulations, businesses tend to be involved in different crimes e.g. money laundering, etc. KYB process is helping the online businesses to verify their potential partners’ identity as well as their involvement in any suspicious activity which may affect the businesses in the future. 

Know Your Business – Importance 

KYB plays a viable role in protecting businesses from getting victims of fraudsters. Know your business meaning is a well-defined process by which the business evaluates the risk that is linked with the corporate partner and enables the businesses to verify the real identities of the customers, keep an eye on suspicious activities, and maintain a record of the transactions. Know your business checks make sure that the businesses are getting into relation with the legitimate businesses, not the shell companies that are present on papers. The businesses that tend to make relations with the other businesses must practice strengthened due diligence regulations so that not a single document of a linked entity gets onboard without verification.

Enhanced KYB Compliance

In a digitalized world, some businesses are using old-school business verification procedures which are time-consuming and always have the chance of mistakes. The usage of manual processes used in the verification of company and to identify UBOs, stakeholders, and other management identities was hectic so there was a home for the fraudster to commit crimes. Technology-based verification systems are the gateway to eradicate B2B frauds. Therefore to make the business verification process smooth and protected, automated know your business process is the life savior for the companies. Automated KYB  the organizations, UBOs, stakeholders, and individuals in management in real-time before establishing the relationship with the other businesses. This eventually mitigates the loophole which the fraudster tends to exploit before. Online businesses are obliged to opt for automated KYB processes to fight the war against fraud.  

Impacts Of KYB Non-Compliance To Businesses Know your business compliance is intended to protect the businesses and is set mandatory for the businesses from implement them. The insufficient KYB compliance pours negative effects onto the business, making the high risk of gateways towards frauds like money laundering, terrorist organization financing. businesses’  involvement in such crimes can cost their reputation, they have to face hefty fines, or in severe cases, such businesses are banned forever.

Know Your Business Workflow 

The KYB process works the same way as the KYC process, but in KYC the customer is verified before onboarding. Following are the steps involved in the business verification:


  • Business Search 

The business background verification is done by acquiring different information regarding the business which includes the business registered address, type of the business, trademark registration, ultimate beneficial owner, and the previous name if they have any.

  • Business Filings

In this phase, the business financial documents are verified such as the financial statements, yearly accounts, and the shareholder list.

  • Business Statements 

The changes in the business regardless of management or in any department must be documented which is referred to in the business statements.

  • Business Network

The large businesses comprise various branches.  The parent business is further divided into child businesses. Complete insight on them is done with KYB check and information like origin country, activities, and type of transaction is verified. Last tip for making any business network system strong is to have queue management system. This help save time for the customers and customer’s become loyal for that company.

Benefits of KYB 

Know your business is pretty much beneficial for the businesses to make relationships with the other clients (businesses), which mitigates the B2B frauds.

  • Seamless onboarding 

With the automated know your business verification process the businesses can onboard only legit clients (business) after the deep authentication of documents and verifying every single entity related to the business e.g directors, UBOs, and shareholders

  • Deterring money laundering

Know your business process mitigates all the loopholes by which the money launderer tends to launder the money. The businesses thoroughly check and verify the ongoing activities including transactions and thus suspicious activities are effectively detected which reduces the risk of money laundering.

Final Thoughts 

Most online businesses are becoming victims of fraud due to a lack of following compliance, which makes them vulnerable. Thus all the businesses are obliged to implement know your business verification solutions which will be fruitful for them while identifying the real clients (business) and determining the risks attached to them before developing the B2B relationships.