South Africa holidays tips

South Africa holidays tips

September 13, 2021 Off By idswater

South Africa is a wonderful place for all types of visitors. Whether you are an adventure junkie or you let your stomach dictate your travels, there is something for every person.

If you are busy planning your primary trip to the country, here are some of the best South Africa tour packages tips and tricks for you:

Health requirements

Yellow fever vaccination certificate (only for travelers coming from Latin American and central African countries), comprehensive travel insurance (advised). Other vaccinations and medications may be advised depending on the areas you are planning to visit, ensure to make an appointment with your local GP or travel clinic before you go. Malaria tablets are generally advised if you are planning to visit Kruger National Park.

What to pack

What you pack for your South Africa safari and holiday depends on where and when you want to visit. Given the Africa mostly temperature climate, you will be relaxed during the hot months in lightweight clothes but pack a jacket and closed shoes to be safe – Cape Town, in particular, is famous for its 4 season weather while Kruger Park and Johannesburg experience heavy summer rains.

If you are coming to South Africa for a beach South Africa tour packages lots of sunscreens, casual wear for the day, and swimming costumes, plus a few more dressed-up items for the evening if you will be spending time in the cities of Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Do not wastewater

There have been water limitations throughout South Africa in recent years and there were true fears that Cape Town would actually run out of water in 2020. Even if the water seems plentiful when you are there please do not waste it.

Do not give money to beggars

Unluckily South Africa like many locations on the planet has a top-level of poverty and you may view beggars approaching pedestrians/cars asking for money. In Cape Town alone there are nearly five thousand homeless people.

If you are approached by a beggar please do not hand over any money as it is generally used for alcohol and drugs.

Do not book tickets for table mountains advance

Book tickets for sights and tours well in advance anyway not for Table Mountain. There is never promise that the famous table cloth will not appear on the mountain the day you plan to go or actually for the weather to be rainy or windy.

All major forms of credit card are accepted in South Africa, although it is best to travel with either Mastercard or Visa as these are more accepted:  here is how to get a credit card in South Africa.