The Best Things to Do to Enjoy Gardens by The Bay to The Fullest

The Best Things to Do to Enjoy Gardens by The Bay to The Fullest

September 13, 2021 Off By idswater

Singapore is only a small country, but it has a lot of skyscrapers, beautiful nature and unique tourist spots. One of them is Gardens by the Bay, one of the largest conservatories in the world. Gardens By The Bay is the perfect example of how technology can be combined with nature to provide a sustainable tourism spot and attraction.

Gardens By The Bay has always been a tourist favorite destination in Singapore. Since 2012, the year which this garden has opened, Gardens By The Bay has attracted more than 75 million visitors around the world. It is near public transport and its ticket can be bought online easily through Traveloka. Then you’ll get the Gardens by the Bay voucher and skip the queue on the day of your visit.

It is not only because the site is located near to the famous Marina Bay, but also because most visitors come to escape from a city-like lifestyle and get refreshed here. Gardens by the Bay offers a lot of attractions that will give you another breathtaking experience. If you are planning to visit it in near future, these are things you can do to enjoy Gardens by the Bay to the fullest

  1. Take a Deep Breath in Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is home to a 35 meters high indoor waterfall and various plants from across the world, including Venus Flytraps, pitcher plants and Rafflesia Arnoldi (the largest flower in the world native to Indonesian rainforest). Cloud Forest is the perfect place for you to take a deep breath and enjoy your moment with surrounding nature. 

The size of Cloud Forest is equal to 1.5 regular football fields, so you can walk and explore till the sun goes down and the lights start to light up. With that size and the 1.5 million plants it has, Cloud Forest is the best place for an individual or family who are curious and adventurous. 

  1. Finding Beauty within Flower Dome

Do you want to enjoy a wide collection of different kind of flowers? Gardens by The Bay offers one of the largest nurturing places for flowers. It’s called Flower Dome. 

Flower Dome is the right place for you and your family to enjoy the beauty of flowers. Its size is equal to 75 Olympic-size swimming pools and able to accommodate up to 1000 people at once!

At Flower Dome, you can get up close with unique flowers of a wide range of habitats from the Mediterranean region to African deserts. Sakura, Orchid, Baobab (The Tree Bottle from Africa) can be found here even though it is not their natural habitat. 

Besides its flower, Flower Dome is covered by 3.332 glass panels so, Flower Dome will be amusing you with the combination of flower color and the technology it uses. 

  1. Relieving Stress at OCBC Skyway and Supertree Observatory

Have you ever wondered about seeing the scenery of Singapore from above? Then don’t miss your chance to visit OCBC Skyway and Supertree Observatory here. From there, you can take a beautiful shot for your social media, share it with everyone, and have some fun learning about sustainable energy. 

OCBC Skyway is a 128 aerial walking track that provides you a whole different experience about Singapore from 22 meters above the ground. It is suspended between two giant artificial trees covered by 162.900 plants from 200 species. The Supertrees are designed to harvest sustainable energy by harvesting solar panels its plant absorbed. 

  1. Explore Creativity of Floral Bouquet at Floral Fantasy

Expand your knowledge about how flowers can be arranged at Floral Fantasy. Floral Fantasy is a 1.500 square meters garden near MRT station that offers various flower arrangements. It includes a mesmerizing vibrant glass-painting artwork by Dale Chihuly, a famous American artist. 

  1. Relax and Enjoy the Light Show

When the sun goes down, go get yourself a nice spot to enjoy the light show near the Supertree. The lights that project to that artificial tree look so mesmerizing and will put you in awe. Ready your camera or just enjoy that free show with your loved ones. That would be a spectacular sight to see before you leave for home or hotels in Singapore.

So, when the travel restriction is lifted and we can travel with more ease, don’t forget to visit this magnificent spot to relieve your stress and create more awesome memories with family or friends.