What qualities can help you get a better job?

What qualities can help you get a better job?

September 13, 2021 Off By idswater

Communication skills: Regardless of the specifics of the industry where you work, you will definitely need the ability to write a coherent text or letter, clearly explain the goals of a project to colleagues, or speak up in a meeting.

Flexibility and ability to perform a few different tasks simultaneously: Some employers call this “multitasking.” Very often, many professionals carry out duties of two or more positions while working on one position.

Leadership and team building: Leadership skills are not only indispensable for bosses but also vital for everybody. Experts say employees who mentor other colleagues are more likely to get promoted to leadership positions.

Purposefulness and initiative: Employers will undoubtedly appreciate candidates who do not wait for instructions but can determine what exactly they should do.

Sense of humor: If you are not planning on becoming a comedian, you don’t need to impress a recruiter by dint of your jokes. It’s unlikely that you will be asked to tell a joke to demonstrate your sense of humor, but a cheerful disposition and ability to defuse the situation are certainly appreciated.

Teamwork ability: Employers like employees who interact with other employees. During the interview, you may be asked a question about your ability to communicate constructively with colleagues, even if this requirement is missing in the job description.

Ability to implement ideas: According to numerous job descriptions, employers require “time management skills” (being able to get things done on time), “strong work ethic” (willingness to adhere to work routines), and “problem-solving skills.”


If you don’t have the above qualities, don’t worry! You don’t have to be superhuman to look good in today’s job market. “Employers don’t expect job seekers to have all the right qualities at once,” says Cross-Wilson. When talking with a company representative, tell about your weaknesses honestly. Relax and just be yourself. They will definitely appreciate it!


Prepare short stories

Prepare a few short stories that demonstrate the presence of certain personal qualities appropriate to the job. Talk about how you dealt with different tasks or problems so that the employer is convinced of your ability to do the same for him.


What if you don’t have the right qualities?

It is unlikely to develop your sense of humor by attending a couple of workshops, but you can ask for help from friends or more experienced colleagues who will teach you how to write meaningful letters. According to experts, some personal qualities can be developed or improved. Participate in volunteer programs to feel responsible, work as a team player to build your communication skills at your following interview, and do not forget about paid internships where you can learn new skills and earn some money. This will not only help to improve your CV but will also help you in your future work.