How to download MP4 from Youtube: The most complete guide [Update 2021]

How to download MP4 from Youtube: The most complete guide [Update 2021]

December 8, 2021 Off By idswater

Meta: A complete guide about how to download mP4 from Youtube and what to consider.

Youtube is the most popular video social networking platform today. It provides us with a considerable amount of content in all fields. Enjoying content on Youtube is extremely simple, with a few search and click operations. You can watch the content on Youtube all day without getting bored. Sometimes to study, gain knowledge or find a solution to a problem. Sometimes for entertainment, watching movies and listening to music.

However, one inconvenience for Youtube users is that the platform does not have a video download button. You can watch it online or download it for offline viewing right on the platform. But you won’t be able to do that with videos that Youtube blocks from downloading. If using downloading software, this download method is quite space-consuming, and the download time is relatively slow if your Internet is not stable. So, the question is how to download MP4 from Youtube?

In this case, you need a tool to help you download MP4 from Youtube for free and compact.

What are MP4 files?

MP4 files are also known as MPEG 4 Part 14. This can be said to be one of the most popular formats for video. With extremely high compatibility but low in size, MP4 files are widely used on Youtube and Vimeo and are extremely popular with users because of their compactness and convenience.


Compared to other video file formats, MP4 files have many outstanding advantages as follows:

– Do not “pick up” the device. Usable for most phones and computers

– The file size is relatively small, but this does not affect the quality of the video

– Easy to store and share on the Internet. Because the file size of MP4 is relatively small, it is suitable for sharing on social networking platforms.

– Good sound quality is no different from the video quality of the file.

– More flexible than other formats.

However, this format still has some disadvantages:

– Image quality will not be as sharp as an uncompressed file like AVI

– Difficult to edit since audio and visual formats sometimes do not have the same consistency. This is why MP4 files are home-friendly but not appreciated by professionals.

However, these disadvantages do not affect the user experience too much for MP4 files. The file’s convenience and ease of use is still the outstanding advantage of all. So, if you need to use YouTube videos offline, converting from Youtube to MP4 is essential.

What should be noted when downloading MP4 from Youtube?

Software to download MP4 from Youtube is available on the Internet, including offline and online. However, you only need software that meets the following requirements only.

Free conversion

Some software will require you to pay a maintenance fee after a trial period. Of course, undeniably, paid software will bring a better experience in some respects. It can have faster download speed, more stable video quality. But with the needs of general use, choosing paid software sometimes causes unnecessary costs. Instead, you can consider free software. A free MP4 from Youtube downloader software that offers a pretty good experience is freedownloadhq.

No need to log in to use

Signing in to use a video converter is not a good idea. It takes time for you to log in. Moreover, in some cases, logging into your account in strange software will cause your information to be leaked. Sometimes, tools like these are the weapon for crooks to steal essential data from the user’s phone or computer. Using freedownloadhq, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. You just need a few clicks to download MP4 videos to your device.

No pop-ups, no ads

Have you ever felt annoyed when you have to turn off a series of pop-ups or ads on the website interface before you can use the service? This is entirely understandable because advertising brings revenue to service providers. However, there is still software that helps you download MP4 from Youtube without watching ads. Freedownloadhq brings a different experience to you because the download interface does not have any pop-ups or ads.

How to download MP4 from Youtube?

As mentioned above, freedownloadhq can meet users’ needs without bringing too much inconvenience. Some of the salient features of freedownloadhq below will help you better understand the platform.

Key features:

  • Provides open conversion formats even without internet access
  • Fifteen different file sizes, seven resolutions equivalent to time and usage needs.
  • Compatible with many operating systems (iOS, Windows, Androids, …)
  • No pop-ups or ads.
  • Unlimited number of converted files
  • Keywords can be searched on the allotted bar to find your videos
  • Supports many file formats like MOV, 3GP, OGG, FLAC, WMV, MP2, ACC, WMA, FLV, AVI
  • Can create GIFs from clips on Youtube


However, freedownloadhq is not available with copyrighted videos. Downloading copyrighted videos is illegal, and freedownloadhq does not support this.

How to use freedownload to download MP4 from Youtube?

Here are detailed instructions on converting Youtube to MP4 using Freedownloadhq software.

  1. Directly search the video’s keyword or title on FreeDownloadHQ’s allocated bar
  2. Or you can copy the link of the desired video from the YouTube address bar
  3. Open the FreeDownloadHQ site and paste the URL on the bar
  4. Click “Start now.”
  5. Choose the right outputs from MP3, audio, video, YouTube to GIF maker, or thumbnail downloader
  6. Before choosing the file size, edit your video’s duration by adjusting the time below the video
  7. Click “Convert” to begin the conversion process
  8. Click the “Download” button and set the destination folder on your computer
  9. And you’re set! Easy, isn’t it?


There are many tools to help you convert videos on many platforms such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo to MP4. Using online tools will save you time and effort and not worry about security. Hopefully, after this article, you will no longer have to hesitate to find yourself a suitable video converter. If you have any questions, please comment below the article; we are more than welcome to answer all your questions.