The Technology Used In Live Casinos

The Technology Used In Live Casinos

April 6, 2022 Off By idswater

Although online casinos have managed to rise, immensely, in popularity over the last few years, the industry still had struggles to overcome. One of them is the creation of immersive and interactive games that will give the same experience that the land-based casinos give to their customers. An online roulette wheel being spun or a deck of cards being shuffled virtually is not as interactive as the real world casino games that brick-and-mortar establishments boast of. However, the emergence of online live casinos brought this matter to a close.

How Do Live Casinos Work?

The advent of live casinos became the new way to play casino games, as you can easily play classic table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker in real-time with real dealers. The dealers are always found in a studio, and they can spin the wheel or deal with the cards in the same way you see at land-based casinos. The dealers are also trained just like the ones you’ll find at the brick-and-mortar establishments and you can strike a conversation with them while playing the game. The advent of live casinos made playing online casino games more lively while also offering a close experience as you get at a physical casino. It will give you a close feeling of being in a physical casino, just that it can only be accessed with a reliable internet connection. Although the addition of human interaction or elements made live casinos popular, we shouldn’t write off the innovative technology that was implemented to make this work. In this article, we will be looking at the technologies that made live casinos possible.


Studio Monitors

Monitors are nothing new in this day and age we are, but the monitors with high-definition and other advanced qualities are now the new technology people are looking to own. These monitors played a pivotal role in the technology used to bring online live casinos to fruition. Studio monitors let the dealer keep an eye on everything going on in the game which includes the bets being placed and closed as well as the messages being sent by the players.


OCR Software

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is a popular technology as it is being used in many sectors for different purposes. It is being used by police forces and traffic control for reading vehicle license plates. The OCR software is a kind of software that helps transform an image or text into readable data, it is now playing an important role in live casinos. The OCR software was implemented by online live casinos to track the numbers on roulette wheels, the symbols and numbers of the card being played. The OCR software is also responsible for the ability of live casinos to be streamed via video link.


Game Control Unit

This is probably the most integral part of live casinos, as it is an innovative technology that ties the entirety of the live casino experience together. The Game Control Unit is responsible for the encoding process which also ensures that the live stream brings out the best clarity with no delays. This is very crucial for all players that intend to enjoy the experience of live casino games. At every table game at a live casino, a GCU is always implemented to ensure clear and smooth streaming.



Cameras and lenses are an innovation you can almost find everywhere across the globe. Powerful cameras are being implemented by live casinos to capture the games being played in the studio, which will give the streamers, players and dealers different perspectives to watch the action. A typical live roulette table will feature three separate cameras around the table to offer shots of the wheel, table and the croupier.



The advancement of technology and its implementation in the industry played an immense role in bringing the online casino industry’s popularity to what it became today. In the nearer future, we should be expecting more innovations in the online casino industry, innovations that could blow our minds.