Why are Paternity Tests So Important?

Why are Paternity Tests So Important?

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There are several crucial, if not life-changing reasons behind why paternity tests are considered to be so important. They can reveal so much about one’s identity, as well as the integrity of a relationship. As we take a closer look at the many reasons why paternity tests are conducted in the first place, their importance will become increasingly evident.

Origins of an Adopted Child

If you were adopted and you wish to seek out your biological parents, a paternity test will go a long way toward helping you. There are several difficulties in confirming an adopted child’s origins, especially if the records were not maintained well. In some cases, the records might even be sealed to keep the original parent’s identity a secret.

Other than that, not every child is given up officially for adoption, which is extremely unfortunate. If a child was found, rather than being officially documented for adoption, only a paternity test can identify their father, and sometimes, even their mother. If you feel that you have a reason to seek out your biological parents or settle a doubt in your mind, there’s a collection of the best paternity test kit reviews on Top 10.

Child Custody: Proving or Disapproving Infidelity

For a husband and a father, it is never easy to accept that his wife was not faithful, and his child is not his. It is an equally devastating burden to bear for a wife if she is falsely accused of infidelity by her husband. A paternity test can settle all doubts once and for all, in addition to establishing or negating a child custody claim.

If a child is not yours, you should not have to pay child custody, in accordance with standard court rulings. If your husband is trying to escape the responsibilities of child custody through false allegations, they will be unable to do so after a paternity test. Paternity tests are profound in their impact on a child custody case’s final ruling. There is an undeniable sense of justice in the truth they bring to the table.

Child Custody: Holding the Father Accountable

There are several complicated situations in child custody cases that go beyond the relative simplicity of an extramarital affair. For example:

  • The couple may not be married when the father denied accountability.
  • The father might be married to another person.
  • The mother might have become pregnant with another man’s child, while she was still married to someone else.
  • The mother might now be divorced with no child support claim from her ex-husband.

In all of the above situations, as well as in several others, a simple paternity test should heavily tilt a child custody case in favor of the truth. Irrespective of whether the father is married or not, the mother will always have a right to file for child custody, if she meets all the legal criteria. The court itself can order a paternity test, at which point it becomes a mandate.

Settling Doubts

If you are pregnant, unmarried, and unsure about the father, get a paternity test to settle all doubts. If you are married, pregnant, and still unsure about who the father is, you can put doubts to rest with a paternity test discretely. People can have moments of weakness, but that is no excuse to live in constant doubt. Whether you unveil the truth to anyone else or not will still be up to you.

An extremely complicated situation can arise when the husband comes to know of an affair years later. How they come to suspect the affair is irrelevant, what matters is how the couple handles it at that point. If the affair is over and the relationship is going well, then bygone deeds are best left in the past. Unfortunately, that is much harder to accomplish as a couple if the father suspects their child is not his.

Long before going to court, internal problems can be settled with a simple paternity test. A mutually agreed paternity test can and often does save relationships from falling apart. Even if it does not, rest assured that the creeping doubt would have eventually destroyed multiple lives. It is always better to go separate ways in honesty than live together in doubt and deception.

Proof of Inheritance

If there is any doubt regarding who is or isn’t eligible to inherit a piece of property based on lineage, it can be settled outside of a courtroom with something as simple as a paternity test. If the case goes to court, the judge will likely order one anyway.

It should be mentioned that the impacts of a paternity test result are not always what one hopes them to be since it will inevitably reveal the facts as they are. The truth is independent of one’s preference toward it, so keep that in mind before taking the step.