Major Sporting Events to Look Forward to in 2022

Major Sporting Events to Look Forward to in 2022

May 16, 2022 Off By idswater

2022 is poised to be a massively exciting year for sports. While every year has great sports spectacles to look forward to, 2022 has some events lined up that will bring the world to its feet. Across sports, there will be some massive occasions that will feature the best athletes on the planet facing off in exciting showdowns. After several years impacted by the pandemic, this year will hopefully mark a return to normalcy. While some major events have already happened, the best of the sports calendar lies ahead.

If there are going to be major sports events, that means there will be a ton of sports betting. Nothing gets fans excited like a huge sports spectacle, so Canadians and betters around the world will likely be flocking to the best sports betting sites to wager on these big occasions. If you’re one of the fans looking forward to the calendar year of great sporting occasions, whether to bet or just enjoy, we’ve got a breakdown of some of the major upcoming 2022 sporting events to keep in mind.

The 2022 World Cup:

Let’s kick this off with a look ahead to what will be the biggest sporting event of the year. Every four years, the World Cup begins, uniting the globe in a massive sporting spectacle. Thirty-two teams representing different nations compete for a chance to claim soccer’s ultimate trophy.

This year, the World Cup is set in Qatar and kicks off on November 21st. Team Canada has made the 2022 World Cup and will be competing in their first World Cup since 1986. This will surely make this an event that captures Canadians’ interest and will make it likely the biggest sporting event of the year.

The Stanley Cup:

Hockey is Canada’s game. There is no sport more beloved and celebrated across the country, and this year’s playoffs are shaping up to be a classic. The Stanley Cup represents the culmination of the National Hockey League’s season, as the top team from each conference square off for a chance at glory.

This year, the race is wide open. Teams like the Colorado Avalanche, Florida Panthers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Calgary Flames all look like they can make a run. The series will begin in June after the previous series has wrapped.


The NBA Finals:

Basketball is a global game that attracts millions of viewers around the world when the NBA playoffs get rolling. The National Basketball Association is the premier basketball league on the planet, and this year’s playoffs are already heading toward their conclusion. The NBA Finals will feature the two top teams from every conference squaring off to determine the league’s best team.

The NBA Finals are poised to start on June 2nd, and the last day it could run to is June 19th. This year, there are several teams that could earn a shot at the prestigious trophy. The Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, and Milwaukee Bucks all look like strong contenders.


The 2022 World Series:

Major League Baseball has been around in North America since the 19th century and is a beloved institution that remains popular. It is the top baseball league on the planet, and the World Series is the final showdown between the winners of the American League and National League playoffs. This year’s playoff race is wide open and exciting.

While the 2022 MLB season has only gotten started, it is never too early to look ahead. This year, the world series will occur at the end of October and the start of November. It is still incredibly early in the year, but some contenders are teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays.


NFL Kickoff:

The National Football League is the biggest sports league in America. Every year, millions tune in weekly to enjoy the spectacle and intensity of an NFL game. The season is only 17 games, so every single one is important, which sets the NFL apart from other major leagues.

The first game of the year will start on Thursday, September 8th. This will lead off the NFL season. The schedule is announced on May 12th, and rumor has it that the first game will feature the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams squaring off with the rising contender Buffalo Bills. This is an amazing game to lead off the season.


These are only some of the major sporting events that are scheduled to take place within the calendar year. Other events, like the Wimbledon and the Tennis US Open, the PGA US Open and the Ryder Cup, and the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix, are all set to occur. This is shaping up to be an amazing year of sports.