Best Podcast Apps That You Need To Download Right Now

Best Podcast Apps That You Need To Download Right Now

December 29, 2022 Off By idswater

In the world of technology when everything is available on your phone, carrying a book for entertainment might be a big ask for some people. This is the reason you will see avid readers switching to audiobooks and podcasts. The material might be different but it gets the job done. These apps offer you prioritizing option so you can leave the best for your leisure time while skimming through some easy stuff on the way. No matter how you do it, it is safe to say the shift from paperbacks to audiobooks is evident. 

In the era of technology when FOMO is taking charge of our minds, the hunger for learning has only become insatiable. The only way to satisfy this burning appetite is to binge some podcast series. In recent years, podcasts have replaced music. If you like to listen to podcasts, you need to download good podcast apps.

To access these apps, you need a good internet service that has a fast download speed so you can listen to your favorite podcasts on the go, too. If you are willing to switch to a good internet connection, you must try Spectrum. For affordable bundles, package details, and more you can reach out to número de teléfono de Spectrum.

Best Podcast Apps to Keep You Company on the Go

Almost every YouTuber, actor, celebrity, or musician either has been to a podcast or has a podcast series of his or her own. Although, most of the guests on the show are there for some endorsement, sometimes conversations are so deep that you start to enjoy it. Moreover, podcasts are not limited to just a few topics so there is something for everyone. From parenting guides to complex things like technology and even healing the generation trauma, you will find a podcast on every possible topic under the sun.

With an increase in the consumption of podcast series, you will find a plethora of podcasts no matter where you go. However, there is always, cost, quality, and release preference that will affect your choice. Some apps allow you to download the podcast so you can listen to it on the go, while others offer you the same podcast free with a delay in release. While choosing the best app you have to consider all the details.

If you are a beginner trying to find a good app for streaming podcasts, we have got you covered. Here are some fun podcast apps that you can download today.

1.     Audible

Available on: IOS and Android

Price: Free with limited content

Unique selling point: Audio Books, Original Shows, Access to 100,000 Podcast, and Freebase Plan

Audible is known to be the biggest public library for audiobooks. However, it is much more than a free app for audiobooks. The app offers free access to some of the best podcasts. For dividing your favorite topics or shortlisting the podcasts that might suit your taste, you can also organize content according to the title. From exclusive podcasts to new and old audiobooks, Audible offers the best audio shows and series for its listeners. However, you will need your amazon card for signing up and you will only have a limited credit base. For an unlimited listening time, upgrade your account to a premium version.  

2.     Spotify

Available on: IOS and Android

Price: Free with ads

Unique selling point: Access to 3.2 Million Podcast, Original Music, Audiobooks, and Shows

Mentioning podcasts and original music without mentioning Spotify is a grave sin that we cannot afford to commit. Known to be the best app for streaming free music online, Spotify has the biggest online audio library consisting of new and original music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. For on-the-go listeners, Spotify comes with a download option so if you do not have a steady internet connection, you can download it. The best thing about this app is the shareable feature, which allows you to organize your playlist and then share it with your friends and family.

3.     Acast

Available on: IOS and Android

Price: Free with ads

Unique selling point: Access to Original Podcasts, audio content creating a platform, good earning option for audio content creators

Acast is one of the most loved podcasts and audio show-streaming apps. It allows you can listen to audio shows from global content creators. The app has an inbuilt filter that allows you to search content based on region. Famous in European countries, Australia and US alike, listeners can filter the best podcast shows and recommendations on multiple topics. The best thing about this app is that it is an open platform for audio content artists. Creators from around the globe who have information in their specific niche can host shows directly on Acast and monetize it, as well. Apart from exclusive shows and original podcasts, you will also be able to find some of the shared shows by celebrities on Acast.

4.     Downcast

Available on: IOS

Price: One-time payment of $2.99

Unique selling point: Access to original Podcasts, easy skipping and downloading option

If you are an Apple user and you like to listen to podcasts while driving, this app will be a game changer for you. With Downcast, you can fully customize your podcast audio list on the go. Where other apps will make you listen to lengthy intros, downcast offers an easy skip feature. It only required a one-time payment so no subscription fee is required. In addition, you can subscribe to shows and podcast series to stay updated about the new episodes. Within your playlist, you can add new shows, download shows, check new episodes, and trim episode length as well.

5.     Himalaya: Courses and Stories

Available on: IOS, android, and web

Price: $11.99/month subscription charges

Unique selling point: Access to original Podcasts, self-help content, motivational stories, and skill-learning content

If you have FOMO or are a recent graduate keeping up with the ongoing trends, this app will become your free school. Introduced as just another podcast app back in 2019, Himalaya: Courses and Stories have transitioned into an audio podcast app that focuses on motivation and self-help content. People eager to learn new skills or struggling with their current learning can update their skills with the help of this app. From podcasts about law, psychology, and technology to some of the more complex topics like medicine, you will find a good podcast about everything.

Wrap Up

To sum it up, finding the right podcast app can be tricky, especially, if you like niche-based content. However, with our well-rounded podcast apps list, you can easily evaluate these apps based on their pros and cons.