How to choose and install wall board panels

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Renovation work in the house is an important component that guarantees a cozy interior if it is done properly. The comfort does not depend on the frequency of repairs, but on a one-time investment of money. Such an investment could be the purchase of wall board panels for your home. Modern constructions are applicable to any room, hallway or balcony. The panels are also in demand for wall cladding in the bathroom and toilet.

Parameters of the building material selection

One of the most common methods of decorating walls is painting or wallpapering. From an aesthetic point of view, this is attractive for the first few months. After six months, you will want to glue new ones. In addition, it is necessary to refresh the interior in wet and transitory rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, more often. We recommend using wall board panels for wall covering.

The panels may be monochrome, glossy or matte. They can be made of natural wood or flexible impact-resistant plastic, and simply repeat the pattern of a section of wood. Tiles, stone masonry, glass wall board panels or MDF are more commonly used for kitchens. The latter are extremely popular among consumers because they have a protective coating that is resistant to dirt.

Advantages of panel designs for walls are the following:

  • quick installation;
  • zoning of the space;
  • wall and ceiling finishing;
  • hidden communications under the panels;
  • repairs are reduced to a minimum.

There are several methods of attaching panels to the wall. They can be installed on a crate to cover all the shortcomings of the wall or ceiling or without it if the surface is already prepared. Wall board panels are mounted on liquid nails or screws, depending on the manufacturing material.

How to order wall board panels in the door store

You can easily find the necessary wall board panels in the store. Our specialists will help you to make your choice, offer the best and most suitable options. We have an individual approach to each order, taking into account the features of the room, the customer’s wishes and their financial capabilities.

Our company provides a full range of services: taking measurements, calculation and design, production and decoration, dismantling old structures and installation of new wall board panels. We carry out sale doors: for many years and provide warranty and service to each client.

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