Bonus Terms & Conditions Demystified: What Players Should Know

Bonus Terms & Conditions Demystified: What Players Should Know

August 17, 2023 Off By idswater

When you sign up for a casino or sportsbook account, you will find bonuses. These rewards always go with certain terms and conditions that might be confusing. All you want is to play or place a bet at League of Slots casino CL or something like it, but then the bonuses get in the way.

Today, we will discuss the most common terms and conditions of bonuses. In the end, you should clearly understand what these terms mean and also know what to expect.

Match Deposit

A match deposit bonus means the casino will give you cash equal to a certain percentage of your deposit.


If a casino says they offer a 100% match on your deposit capped at $1,000, it means that they will give you extra money equivalent to what you deposited to your gambling account. The extra money they would give you can’t be higher than $1,000 because that is their limit.


Here are some examples: 


  • If you deposit $500, you receive an extra $500;
  • If you deposit $1,000, you receive an extra $1,000;
  • You deposit $1,500; you receive an extra $1,000 only, not $1,500.


The bonus in the first bullet point is $500 because 100% of $500 is $500. Not all casinos offer 100% match. Some of them only can give 25%, 50%, etc.


In addition, most casinos offer this reward only to new players. New players are these users who would register for the first time in the casino. There are other variants of this bonus. Some casinos offer match bonuses several times, like up to your fifth deposit.


Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement is probably the most confusing of all casino terms. A wagering requirement is a number that serves as a multiplier against the bonus money. If multiplied, the result is a sum that you have to wager before the casino allows you to withdraw.


Here is an example:


  • The wagering requirement is 30x;
  • The bonus you received is $100;
  • Your wagering requirement is therefore 30 x $100 = $3,000


It means that from the bonus money of $100, you must bet a total of $3,000. Once you meet this requirement, only then the casino will allow you to withdraw winnings from the bonus money.


How can this happen? $100 is smaller than $3,000, so how can this be possible? Well, you must be and win and keep on winning. The more times you win, the more you can bet. Eventually, your total bets would add up to $3,000.


Withdrawal Limit

A withdrawal limit refers to the amount of money you can withdraw to your bank account — this policy only applies to the money you won from the bonus funds. Typically, casinos put a withdrawal limit of $25.


Let us say that you received 100 free spins. After meeting the conditions for the wagering requirement, your total money from the bonus and its winnings is now $300.


You can’t withdraw $300 to your bank account. If the limit is $25, you can only withdraw $25 to your bank account. The $275 will stay in your gambling account.


Take note that the $275 is not really your money. It is casino money, and you won them. Your deposit from your own pocket, and the winnings, therefore, are different things. They are in a separate “wallet” in your casino account. For your personal deposits and winnings, there is no limit to how much you can withdraw.



The deadline is the date by which you should have met the wagering requirement. If this date passes and you didn’t meet the wagering requirement, the casino will take your reward and all winnings from it.


Typically, casinos only give about seven days from the date of claiming the bonus to finally meet the wagering requirement. Each bonus or promotion has its own deadline, so you must read the terms and conditions carefully.


Free Spins

Free spins are bonuses where you get free spins for certain slot machines. Usually, casinos and game developers take this offer to promote a new slot machine game.


Free spins do not come in the form of cash, but they do have a cash equivalent. Let us say that for each spin of a particular slot, with all lines active, the cost is $0.20. If the casino gave you 100 free spins, the monetary equivalent of your bonus is $20.


You can only use the free spins on the slot the casino mentioned. Any attempt to use it somewhere else will invalidate the bonus.


Bonuses are a great way to increase your bankroll. Although casinos require too much, note that they are essentially giving free money, and all you must do is bet according to their rules.


Almost all online gambling platforms offer a bonus, and you must take advantage of these casino rewards if you can. At best, you can sign up for several casino accounts in different casinos to make the most of your time.